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Email : info@iflsped.it

Telefono : +39 02 9279281

Via Dante 144, Limito di Pioltello (MI)   Google Maps

Our services

our services

Machine Revamping / Restyling / Retrofit

"We analyze the installed components. We identify recent components that can replace those that are obsolete/out of production, thereby reducing the expense for the purchase of spare parts in the following years."

If additional hardware is needed for production or data collection purposes, we conduct a tailor-made study for its sizing. We carry out partial tests of the scheduled stops of the machine/plant.

From the start of the work, we directly coordinate on-site the resources involved in various tasks (wiring, mechanical maintenance, software installation/update), minimizing downtime. Upon the restart of the plant, we provide continuous assistance until the final testing is completed.

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For more information about the services presented, you can contact us by email or at the numbers indicated.